The Bay of Naples

Ivan Aivazovsky

Ivan Aivazovsky. The Bay of Naples

画作描述 «The Bay of Naples»

Aivazovsky painting "Gulf of Naples" was written by the artist in 1841 during the stay in Italy where the painter got to the other boarders of the Academy of fine arts to continue their education, to improve the writing landscape. In the southern country it arrives already formed by the author, and a beautiful nature of this region inspires the artist to work on an incredibly beautiful creations. The spectators admired the profound understanding with which the author was able to convey on canvas the surrounding nature. The Bay itself is part of the sea in Italy and is located in the West of Italy.

Italian period Aivazovsky biography

Aivazovsky worked in Italy with great inspiration. There he created approximately 50 of its greatest paintings. Exhibitions in Rome, Naples and they caused considerable interest, glorifying the unusually talented author. Critics of the time claimed no one could show the light, air, water surface so vividly and so true. Special deserve admiration seascapes of the brush of Aivazovsky. The famous marine painter owned the most important gift — admiring the beauty of nature, to remember the typical moments and then to portray them in understandable language. I. K. Aivazovsky – the great master, can see a special beauty in the natural environment, to convey their own emotions to the viewer.

The plot

Aivazovsky painting "Gulf of Naples" (oil on canvas) is so alive that there is no impression of static, but the movement on her unusually soft and low. The painting shows the Bay of Naples, as we see it in the dim rays of the sun. Expanse of water of different shades, delightfully transform into each other, floods of soft light. We see the Bay filled with luxurious shimmering muted colors. The plot is pretty simple. However, the artist managed to create a truly profound charm of the landscape.

The very composition of the paintings by Aivazovsky "the Bay of Naples" precise, any of the colors here looks special, and the color matched extremely skillfully. This creation is overwhelmed with the rays of the sun, because Aivazovsky is widely recognized as a master in the depiction of light and air, the colours transferred to them with great precision, and shades matched just perfectly, barely visible transitions are in harmony with each drawn by the artist details.

In front of the spectators of the paintings by Aivazovsky "the Bay of Naples," brought the boat fishermen and a sailing ship. They move easily on the smooth surface of the Bay, all the little things with love-drawn by the great marine painter, brings to the story a special charm. This creation of the artist created in the style of romanticism. The painting is overwhelmed with an unusually sincere lyricism. The author not only sees, but also masterfully conveys the beauty of nature, thus expressing their profound admiration of her beauty. This work seemed to glow from within.

Today to see the picture in the Peterhof State Palace and Park Museum reserve in Russia.

The Bay of Naples

Ivan Aivazovsky













73×108 厘米