The explosion of the ship

Ivan Aivazovsky

Ivan Aivazovsky. The explosion of the ship

画作描述 «The explosion of the ship»

Born in the seaside town of Feodosia, Aivazovsky life remained true to the marine theme, the rest of my days paying tribute to this controversial element. Even the last of them he spent in the work in order to satisfy their truly youthful thirst to know the beauty of the sea and reveal it to the audience.

Aivazovsky painting "ship Explosion" created by this great artist at the twilight of a long and fruitful life. Despite the fact that death interrupted his work, researchers consider it extremely valuable in studying his work. This unfinished in the tragic circumstances of the canvas, we can conclude that it was the artist the most important in the process of creating his works.

Carefully traced the ship and the flame of the explosion – the Central elements of the leaf, from the first minute attention of the viewer. The painter worked on a painting all day, he creates three versions, and most of the time he devoted to this part. All other parts are not finished, they are just an outline. Im an artist planning to devote the next day and not coming for him.

The plot for this painting the artist has taken a real historical event relating to the struggle for liberation between the Greek rebels and the Turks. In the course of the liberation movement Constantine Kanaris, Greek in origin, defending the rights of his people, blew up off the island of Chios, the ship belonging to the Turks, and is depicted in the painting by Aivazovsky "ship Explosion".

Flames and smoke Turkish Admiral's ship occupies the Central part of the picture. The flames and the wreckage of the ship flying in the air, clearly drawn by the artist. Only a sketch, slightly blurry, visible boat where Greek rebels are removed from the blast site. As well clearly the viewer sees and the island with houses in the foot, as if shielding his serene tragedy of what is happening.

The painter maintains in this picture his characteristic manner to highlight on the canvas the most interesting, a saturated color point. Starting from this light source, it offers the viewer a slide look for other details like casually imbued with the mood of the painting is its atmosphere.

Aivazovsky painting "the Explosion of the ship" is another confirmation of the constant demands of the painter to his creations, which with age will only increase. He never stopped looking for new forms of expression for his admiration for the sea, its grandeur and beauty. As already recognized and accomplished master, he worked on each new work with full dedication, seeking to bring to it the fruits of his imagination and to convey to anyone who looks at them, the feeling of delight, which aroused in him the sea.

Last unfinished painting by Aivazovsky is a worthy completion of his work, as this painting even in an incomplete form, makes an indelible impression on the viewer.

The explosion of the ship

Ivan Aivazovsky




海景画, 风俗画







XX 世纪


67×96 厘米



费奥多西亚艺术画廊的名字命名伊万*艾瓦佐夫斯基, Feodosiya